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PS2 screen problem with plasm

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Ruudie, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Ruudie


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    Hi all

    Sorry if this inquiry already exists in another thread as I didn't come across.

    I have bought a Philips 50PF9965, 50'' Plasma like a week ago.

    Now when I connect the Playstation 2 to it with RGB component cable but also with ordinary scart cable, there always appears a black bar on the right of the screen meaning in doesn't show the picture on the whole screen. I tried setting my PS2 on full screen as well as 16:9 but still it would not change. Furthermore I have changed the monitor settings of the TV to anything there is and even with wide-screen format there still is a small bar on top and on the right appearing on the screen.

    I suppose if I would be gaming hours and hours like this it could cause some serious burn-in and I was wondering whether anyone of you knows how to sort out my problem although there seem to be not too many philips plasma owners in here.

    Anyhow, would reall appreciate your tips/ help.

    Thanks very much in advance !

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