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Does anyone have experience of comparing S-Video output and component output from a PS2? I have done a v. brief test using my existing (cheap - £6.99 from Game) S-Video cable connected to a plasma and playing GT3, and was not overly impressed (although I admit this could be more to do with the way GT3 handles "distant" objects and the fact that I was probably sitting too close to the screen). I didn't test any other games.


While SVideo is very good, it's not quite as good as RGB. Reds and oranges are where the main difference lies, but you'd need to put the 2 signals side by side to really notice the difference.

Component is RGB in composite-like cables and is the best connection you can get. It'll also the only signal that allows progressive scan if your TV supports it.



Cheers for this. I'm familiar with the technical differences but was wanting to know if, in the particular case of PS2 output, any visual differences are apparent. I could fork out for a PS2-to-component adaptor but, AFAIK, they cost quite a bit more than my modest S-Video connection. Question is, would it be worth it? Can anyone say, hand on heart, "B*gger me, the difference is amazing!"

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Component is not "RGB in composite-like cables".. Thats a common misconception and its not true..

RGB is RGB where as Component is Component. They are completely different.

Actually, Component is more like S-Video than RGB.

The confusion comes from the fact that Component has Red Green and Blue connectors and this leads people to think that its RGB.. But its not.

RGB is made up of Red, Green and Blue composite signals, where is Component is made up of Chrominance and Luminace signals. (Like S-Video)

Calling RGB is correct, as thats what it is.. But component should really be called Y, Pb(Cb), Pr(Cr).

In terms of quality, Component is awful, S-Video is better, and the RGB and Component are superior again.. Whether RGB or Component is better, is open to debate.. They are equally as good, but generally Component should be slightly better..

Basically, as long as you are using RGB or Component, you are getting the best you can get out any device.

And, as you said, you can get Progressive Scan over Component, which you can't do over RGB.


Originally posted by Jon Weaver
In terms of quality, Component is awful, S-Video is better, and the RGB and Component are superior again

We know you mean composite is awful... :)

I want to put theory aside for the moment. As I said, I wasn't overly impressed with my S-Video connection. Does anyone have experience of both S-Video and component outputs from a PS2?


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I had svideo running into a dlp and it was ok, but i bought a component cable to test PS on my projector, on i think it was tekken 4, cant remember now, anway the difference was pretty huge.

the whole image was, well, just better, colours were the main difference. I could never get enough colour without reds etc. looking too strong with s, but with the component I could get the colour i liked straight away, and i was able to knock the contrast down a little which caused less blooming and made the graphics seem smoother.

however this was on a projector and maybe the s-video on it wasn't the best. I know that on my philips TV there is no difference between RGB and s-video so it all depends on your display device.

have a look here as they do the component cable for £8.42, so it is worth a try.


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I've being using a PS2 component cable on an LCD projector for about a year now - having used s-video before. Component is a significant improvement, with a lot less colour bleed and improved levels of detail. The only down side was that the image did pick up a tiny flicker - but I'm not sure if this was specific to my set up or not. I wouldn't have thought you'd have the same problem with a plasma. I couldn't go back to s-video now.

My official Sony cable came from DVDCrave and was well under a tenner!



Hi guys,

I am a PS I user and I have recently bought a Sony KV28ls35 TV set (1 scart RGB). The problem it that untill now I was playing via RF cable :( A couple of days ago I have the oportunity of testing a RGB cable. I was really amazing, the colours were really nice and the level of definition marvelous. The problem is that I want to use the scart 1 (RGB in) only for DVD and the other connection possible is via Svideo cable.

The question is, is better to buy the s-video cable and connect it to the scart 2 via a S-video-to-scart adaptator? or, is better to buy the av adaptador of sony (with Svideo, composite, and Auido outputs) a connect it via a profigold Svideo to scart cable??? Is SVideo much better that composite cable (yellow RCA)????

The other possible option is to use a multiscart box, but I heart that they are dangerous :eek:

Thanking in advance



Dangerous? I've been using my Argos one with no problems at all... If you want a better quality scartbox though with auto-switching then get the Quattro+ at £70 or more.

As for S-Video and Component... Component is the way to go without doubt IMO. Pop down to the site that EffTee has listed as it has the official cables at a stupidly low price ^_^ Hell even I have ordered some from DVDcrave now.

S-Video is better than Composite because it has more bandwidth (more lines for resolution) but I still wouldn't use it for anything ^_^ For me it has to be either RGB scart or Component connections because at the end of the day I would like to have the best quality available to me.

If you do not have an RGB scart socket (pretty much all TVs have at least one) then go for S-Video.

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