PS2 problem connected to KDL-V32A12U


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I have posted this in the LCD Screens forum but with no luck. So thought I would try here.

I just switched on my new KDL-V32A12U to play God Of War on my (US) PS2 connected via component.

When the game loaded up, I noticed that there was a black border on the left/right side of the picture (about 0.75" on each side at a guess) These remained through-out the game.

After switching my PS2 off/on and then going into the 'System Configuration' menu I could still see the borders on the left/right side of the picture. I then tried a few other games including GT4 in 1080i and Tekken 5 but still they were still there.

I definitely do not remember seeing any such borders using my old CRT TV.

I thought it might be the component signal so I hooked up the PS2 to one of the RGB Scarts... but still the problem persisted.

Finally, I hooked up my PS2 to my old 21" Sony CRT to double check. I went into 'System Configuration' and lo and behold the black borders were not there!! Proceeded to load up God Of War and it was full screen - no borders whatsoever.

I seriously doubt its my PS2 as the picture is absolutely fine on my old CRT. Conclusion it must be my new V32 LCD TV.

Does anyone else have a US/JAP PS2 and are using it with the V32 or any of the V series of TVs? If there are, can you confirm whether or not you have noticed borders left/right on your TV whilst playing on your PS2?



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I have moved from CRT to Plasma and now connect my PS2 to my new screen using Component.

There is a small border all the way around the game image and all I can assume from this is that CRT's have part of their picture obscured by the plastic frame, while flat panels don't - the upshot being that you are seeing more of the picture with a flat panel, but for some reason PS2 was made to output a specific image size that is slightly smaller than the one a flat panel can display.

Personally I like it, I no longer lose part of the image in Fight Night 2, which has no screen centering option.

I dare say the next gen consoles will not have the same "problem".

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