ps2 or x box

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dude 1

hi there dudes,
i got a question for u guys which is ps2 or xbox?
I am going to purchase a new games console to lets say upgrade from my ps1.
From what i can make of the two is that the x box is faster gameplay BUT not so many games available at the moment.
I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has any preffrences as to which one:rolleyes:


run a search as this as been asked 100s of you will find your answer. :D


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My own personal opinion is XBox! I went from PS1 to PS2 (still have it, albeit boxed up) and was, on the whole, disappointed. XBox & halo is such an addictive combination, you will never look back!

But If you have a PS1 already you need to consider what you plan to do with your PS1 titles! If you went the PS2 route you would still be able to play them while adding next generation games.


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World war 52.

I'm sure they are from other forums and know what type of question's to get people going.:devil:


We REALLY need a sticky for this type of question!!! Its probably the most asked quesiton every week or so but at least the thread starters are honest enough.

Anyway I will try to compile every single thread related to this question just for reference sake and to keep all of the members sane ^_^ Feel free to add any links that I have missed.

Decisions decisions xbox or PS2

advice needed!! Which is Better

Ps2 ..x Cube

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Whats the best.....honestly!

opinions please



I have left out some threads because they were either destructive near the end or didn't really help out... All I can say is please take your time reading some of these threads, especially there are a few that offer good snippets of information from many good members.

Here is my take on the situation and about people wanting a console to conform to their Home Cinema -

"If you look at a console purely because of its Home Cinema qualities then naturally the PS2 and GameCube would fall rather short though... Why? Because they were not designed to be.. Especially the Gamecube (hence no DVD playback).

The PS2 aimed to be a videogame console to kick start its life then it would evolve into a multimedia hub, with net access, limited DVD playback, printer, scanner, HDD etc. It was never designed for DD 5.1 nor to be the centrepiece for HC.

The Gamecube needs to differentiate from the PS2 from the off and it has done that by purely concentrating in videogames only. No DVD playback, no fancy multimedia plans... Just games.

The Xbox has had a similar scheme to the PS2.. Start it off as a videogame console then evolve it into an entertainment hub. The major difference is the release time between the two consoles and the technology. The audio chip can handle real-time 5.1 and the console can output in progressive scan and an interlaced resolution up to 1080i - Which makes it perfect as the HC entertainment centrepiece.

All consoles have aimed at specific markets while Nintendo have aimed for a niché market, letting MS and Sony battle it out.. So basically if you have a console and you're happy with it, no-ones going to argue because its your cash at the end of the day and if its providing entertainment then something must be right. ^_^

In my humble opinion, people should not look at the brand name of a console but the videogames only. Find out what genres you like (RPG, fighting, shooters, FPS, platform, puzzle, RTS, etc etc) then look at ALL of the platforms out. Find out which console caters your needs and not your friends, not your parents and not someone elses ego - Just you.

Once you have a shortlist, go to, and other videogame websites to see how well the games have been rated and then try the console out before you buy or pop down your mates that have the consoles. I know it sounds like a lot of work but at the end of the day the console is for yourself and not me, or for other members of this forum (unless you want to send us a nice xmas present! ^_^).

Just to end this long post IMO if you are serious about gaming you should try to own all of the consoles - PS2, GC and Xbox just to have the best of all worlds. You don't have to buy then all up at once of course but its worth considering since each console has their strengths and weaknesses.

That is my final word on this type of question.. Ever. Unless there is serious faults in "facts" presented by others to gain votes then I will simply refer to this link in the future.


A well balanced post with some good advice but you did forget to mention that the Xbox is the best and that the PS2 and GC are junk.:devil:


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You are too kind Neoblade :p

I agree

Gamecube = Arcade/platform/cutesy console games
X-Box = All-rounder with a little more serious edge and promising lifetime/upgrades (PC type appeal)
PS2 = Established back catalogue and line of game franchises.

That is also the order I would purchase them in :)


Excellent thread. (brings back a few memories)

I'd just like to chime in and say that people who own all 3 consoles will (generally) do a better job of critiquing them honestly.


Yes, I'm sure that's true. My earlier post was sarcastic if anyone is in any doubt. I'm sure there is much pleasure to be derived from each one. So, what's the point of anyone (sadly, mainly PS2 fanboys) slagging the others that they hardly played. I love my Xbox and it has given me many, many hours of fun. I have several mates who have PS2's and they equally get lots of value out of them.

I think the fact is that the gaming market is moving toward the 20's and 30's instead of kids nowadays. I'm 30 and I grew up in the Binatone years and I have just recently started to re-discover gaming.

I love Halo and PGR and have just bought DOA3 and Amped from Ebay. I'm looking forward to getting them, DOA especially for drunken scraps with me mates.

So, my Xbox cost me less than a days wages and gives me loads of fun. Even if they never made another game I would have got my moneys worth. There is simply, nothing to critisize.



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None of the consoles is better than any other, they are all as good as each other in my eyes. They all have good points and they all have bad points, and have games that are only produced for that console.

I have a PS2 and GC and will be hoping to have an X-box around Christmas time (when and if the price drops ).


Personally I haven't seen any PS2 fanboys on this forums just yet... Only a few Xbox ones and they admit it. So far I own an Amstrad CPC464, original GB, NES, MD, SNES, Sat, PSX, DC, PS2, GC, Xbox and GBA. Soon enough I might add the NeoGeo to this list as well. Every debate or conversation I've been involved in has been backed up with suitable data and often enough my logic behind the points (which is why my posts are often too long >_<).

I've already given my comments on all of the platforms and it would be nice if it just ended. Any sort of constructive debate or conversations thesedays in the videogame thread is being pushed out with "My console is better than your console" type threads. Its coming to the point now that its just being silly and is used by certain members, possibly, as an attempt to justify their own purchase. At the end of the day if you are happy with the console and its providing entertainment to you, then it doesn't matter what other people say (within moderation).

I really didn't want to reply back on this because I know where it will end up and eventually it will be joined with other threads on the forum that have ending in such a manner.

It is sad to see but thats life, we all must press on and hope that other topics within the gaming industry can be talked and debated about in an adult manner in the future.

Bob Todd

PS2 fanboy reporting for duty!

gET A PS2 it's the breakfast of champions!

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