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before you start i am not getting a ps2 - my mate has one and would like to get it online. My question is what is involved?

You buy a network adaptor etc but what are the costs? Is there a yearly or montly sub or do you pay per game or to connect to whoever hosts the servers?

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I've got my PS2 online, but not played much, only Need For Speed Underground, and have NTL Cable modem.
Anyway, what I did was:

Get PS2 Network Adapter, £25
Long Cat5 cable £13 (PS2 is downstairs, cable modem upstairs)

Plug network adaptor into PS2, network cable from PS2 to Modem, reboot modem.
Put the network setup disk into the PS2, follow instructions, make username & password.
Put NFS disk in, goto online game, logon and play :)

Not payed to play a game :)

I've now also got a router (£21 from ebuyer I think) so I can have the PC & PS2 connected at the same time.

Simple as that really, no problems with it at all.


Only Xbox online (Live) has a yearly or monthly fee. All PS2 games are free, though i believe the new Final Fantasy game has fees, similar to PC Everquest.

Once you have your Broadband connection, PS2, Network Adapter, cable and game of choice its essentially free.

Sont or the game makers generally have servers that host the games. Some games connect to a host server to match players, and then one PS2 actually runs as the host. Again this is being paid for by those companies/Sony.


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The PS2 version of Everquest is also charged for, although you get a 30 day subscription included in the cost of the game.

As already pointed out, generally there are no fees associated with PS2 online gaming other than the cost of your networking hardware & broadband connection.
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