PS2 no power problem - help needed!



Hi all i hope you can help me!

Just a couple of hours ago, I was playing GT4 on my PS2. I then had to go out for an hour, so i powered of the PS2 by holding the reset button for a couple of secs so that it goes into standby mode.
When I returned a couple of hours later, i press the reset button to take the PS2 out of standby mode but nothing happens. The red standby light is no longer lit and there is no power going to the PS2 at all.
The 1st thing i try is changing the fuse in the plug but this didn't work. I then assume that the power cord could be faulty, so i try using it on my xbox and the xbox powers up straight away so that isn't the problem. Next, i try using the original xbox power cord on my PS2 but still no power. The xbox cord works fine with the xbox.
Next i open up the PS2 (i am confident at doing this as i have done this before to clean the dvd lens). I can't see any burnt out components, and all power connections inside the PS2 are ok, so i am guessing that the only thing remaining that could be wrong is a fuse on the circuit board has blown.
Has anybody else had the same problem? Am i assuming correctly about the fuse?

I am not sure which version PS2 i have - don't know if it's important at this stage. How do i find the version?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for any replies.


Gunman Vash

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How long have you had the PS2 for and was it second hand?
Usually ps2 dont have these sort of problems but it could also be possible you were sold a faulty one
And are you sure nobody touched it while you were out?
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