PS2 Network Adapter... Where???


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Do any of you fine people know where I can find a PS2 Network adapter? Everywhere I have looked is out of stock (except Ebay). Most places list the item from £9.99 (Game) to £17.99 (Play/Amazon) but they are all out of stock. Rumour has it that Sony have stopped making them since the release of PStwo.

They are going for £30+ on Ebay but I'm not prepared to pay that, just for Pro Evo! I've already paid out £35 for WE9 and another £15 for PES5 (HMV... great offer :smashin: ).

I know that XBOX live is much better :lesson: , but me and my mates all play Pro Evo on PS2 (original and best) and so I wanted to get myself sorted in time for Oct 21st.

Can anyone help?


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Dunno where about in the country you are but in my HMV I have definately seen some in the last few weeks. :thumbsup:


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The Currys store near me has some of the network adaptor/game bundles for £24.99, not sure if they were in the last markdown though, price could be lower than that.


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Bought one of these little beauties last weekend in Currys..

It came bundled in a package with Twisted Metal Online game.

Priced at £12.47 but when i got to the till.........£7.47 what a bargain!!!

Get yourself down to currys and see if they are doing the deal aswell!!

Rickyj at Kalibrate

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I managed to get one from my local Curry's (Redhill). It was the network adapter on it's own (no game), and marked as £24.99, when I got it to the counter it went through as £14.97. Bonus :smashin:

There was one left as well. :smashin:



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I dont suppose anyone could grab one near them and post it to me could they :(


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Yeah, comet near me have them for £15 now thanks

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