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Having just got my PS2 online, I'm stuck deciding which online game I'm gonna get value for money for, I like all types of games, but which current games are gonna give me the best online experience?

I have been thinking about Destruction Derby Arena or SOCOM II

Any advice, much appreciated,



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Hi Stormy,
I'm trying to get my PS2 online at the moment, I bought Twisted Metal Black online, looks pretty good for a quick online blast to get used to things online, received some good reviews also. There's no single player mode (as is also the case with Harware online) so I'd only go for it if you see it at bargain price. Bought mine bundled with Network Adaptor for £27.00:D
The game I most like the sounds of right now is Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest, similar to Baulders Gate on the PS2 if you liked that, but this features 4 player online modes including Co-op, deathmatch etc. due for release any time now!
As for Socom2, been hearing mixed reviews on that one, aparently no big improvement over the first instalment, but probably still the most popular PS2 online game at the mo.
Other to those, Rainbow6 seems to be getting some good reviews so that might be worth considering.
I think the PS2 online games side of things only just seems to be getting off the ground in any scale, hopefully the best is yet to come, GT4 maybe:D


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Hmm, tough one.

Why not rent out some of the online enabled titles from Blockbuster to see if you like any of them.

Also GAME highstreet stores have I believe a no quibble returns policy so you can return any title that you think is a real turkey.

That said, let me run through the titles I have:

Twisted Metal Black Online (fired it up maybe once or twice, haven't got into it yet).

Fire Warrior, reasonable FPS but have yet to play it online.

Socom I (have, but haven't played yet).Consensus appears to be buy Socom II instead..

Destruction Derby Arenas, loaded this up once, haven't looked at it again since. I just don't have the time!

Need For Speed Underground : Hmm, not bad. Graphically it's no GT4 (or even GT3 come to that) but the online play seems pretty solid.

Midnight Club II : Not bad, but not fantastic. Also a bit of a disappointment in the graphics department.

Hardware: Online arena : This is actually my favourite. Instantly pick up and playable, it does have an offline mode but this is really only for training purposes.Great fun to taunt your enemies via the USB headset either when playing team games or just in a free for all.

Tom Clancy's : Ghost Recon: Only just bought this so it's a bit early to comment. Working through the training missions at the moment, seems like good fun and I like ordering the squads around via the headset. Even if they do seem to have cloth ears sometimes.I mean honestly, who doesn't know the difference between "hold" and "advance"??

As a member of the PS2 online Beta test community, I've been lucky enough to get some of the above titles free. I think it's fair to say that newer titles are getting better in their use of online play.

If the online bit is done right you shouldn't have to mess around opening ports on your router/firewall to make voice comms work. These should be load and play (this is a console after all, not a PC), some titles manage this better than others.


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Thanks for the info guys,

Rented out DD Arena last night and spent a few hours on that, excellent game, but probably hasn't got long lasting appeal.

Ghost Recon or SOCOM II, one of them sounds like they're worth going for. I am partial to fantasy games so the Champions of Norrath sounds pretty good, have to find out more on that!



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Nice to see no one recommended FIFA 2004!!!! which really a big bag of steaming ****.

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