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I have my PS2 connected into my Denon 3802 via componant and I also have an optical lead connected but the Denon does not seem to recognise the optical connection. I have the outputs on the PS2 calibrated correctly and still nowt.

Any ideas?



Whichever input you have the optical lead connected to on the reciever, have you configured this to accept optical in on the reciever setup menu ?



On a Harman Kardon AVR8500 - it's easy

On your AMP controller, it's probably set to COAXIAL 1 (whatever), but you need to go to OPTICAL 3 (whatever number) and to do that you need to click on the Digital button and press up or down to scan through them. Once you change from COAXIAL to OPTICAL - away you go.


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Check that the PS2 is configured with the digital output on.

Can't recall where at the moment, but there are options to switch on the digital output as well as output DD & DTS bitstreams. Check the manual and all will become clear.

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