PS2 Import Question


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Have family going to the States in September and wanted to know if an American PS2 will work over here. My TV does output NTSC. Any help greatly received


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You'll have to import all your games and buy a step-down power convertor as well mate. Probably not worth the cost.


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It's worth it IMO, considering the terrible quality of most PAL PS2 conversions...

There are dozens of reliable importers to choose from...Tronix, NCSX etc. Or you could use a UK-based importer like Next-gen, JPN Games etc
Yeah but if you import from sites then you'll get the taxing as well as the shippinh costs. Not worth it imo.


Distinguished Member wont get taxes/duties from a UK importer. Misinformation can be quite damaging.

As for importing, the reason for doing it is to get better all round gaming experiences, no borders, 60hz all the time etc..and of course the games generally come out overseas before the UK..
Importing definately isn;t for everyone though, that's pretty obvious lol


I've never had to pay tax on anything from Tronix either.


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I can recommend importing to anyone I have all three nextgen consoles from the U.S and the price I pay for new games inc. shipping is around £25 or so. I am just playing Ninja Gaiden on xbox now and it is amazing all full of progressive scan beauty.

With the ecomerce the way it is now there is no reason not too import and when you talk about ps2 there is no way I would want a pal machine just look at the mess they made of FFX-2 to see what I mean also a lot of product never sees the light of day over here and thats on all three formats or you get serious delays (mario Golf I got this about 8 months ago and it is not due here till june !!!!!!!). If you do not like the idea of sending your money abroad then check out they offer a good service and are very helpful.



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Thanks for the replies guy’s loads of helpful info with lots of points to consider. Any idea of the price of an American PS2?

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