PS2 GT3 Money Cheat ?


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Had a driving night last night, plenty of fun - Ill be putting some photos up later, but my mate came round with his mem. card. On it he had shed loads of cards and sheeedddddd loads of money. Im sure I read somewhere there was a money cheat for gt3 on ps2 .. Im sure he has done it, but he was adament that he didnt cheat and there actually wasnt one ... is there one ?



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Yes there is a money cheat it is, when playing press R2(2), L1(2), Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up (indicates number of times to press)


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Doh sorry reread the thread and thought you ment grand theft auto. You can try this

Easy money with memory card
Note: Two memory cards are required for this trick. After you have earned about 200,000 credits, purchase a car, such as the Mitsubishi 3000 GT. Upgrade it up to the max. This will leave you almost broke. Go home and save this car to memory card slot two, then return to the title screen and load your last game from memory card slot one. This will give you your money back, and you can now go home and trade from memory card slot two. The car that you just spent all those credits on will now only cost retail price.

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