PS2 games on the PS3


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It depends on the game but most do look good.. the likes of God of war 1 and 2 etc especially so.
What do they look like after upscaling? Any good?

Well, most of the 50hz games look good, but games such as Final Fantasy X are 4:3 only, so when you couple that with the "50hz borders", you get a big black box around screen.


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I never owned a PS2 so I have picked up a few PS2 games and they are superb - they look great when upscaled once you get used to them (they are obviously noway near as crisp as HD). I own the following and they all look great (especially GOW2):-

God of War
God of War 2
Final Fantasy 12
Dragon Quest 8

In fact I play more PS2 games than I do PS3 (with the exception of the sublime Oblivion)!

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