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Apr 22, 2006
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I would like some recommendations please (with a brief summary of the reasons why... :thumbsup: ) of PS2 games for my 10 yr old daughter's Christmas present.

We've just bought the PS2 - which in itself is a present - and my 8 yr old boy will be more than happy with FIFA 2007, but need something for daughter... :lease:
singstar with a mic, no reason necessary :)

Blinkin 'eck!! Was just going to put exactly that and was gazumped!

Coincidentally, I was playing Singstar tonight with my seven year old - she absolutely loves it!!

Another idea would be for the Dance Mat type games as she loves that one too - this one always gets dragged out a parties and not just for the kids :D
My two love Sonic Heroes (they're 9 & 11, so at a similar age).
'the sims' also seems to be popular with the kids and i know they ported the pc versions to the ps2, not sure which is most up to date tho. My understanding is it's got some serious shelf life, on the other hand it's super addictive.

the last PS3 game i bought, before getting a 360, was Transformers. The reviews for TF weren't great and you never hear it talked about but i loved it from start to finish. Loads of robots, shooting lasers and tranforming from vehicle to robot. superb!
My sis really likes Singstar, Buzz, Eyetoy, Guitar Hero and ICO.
Is there a cooking game available? Girls love cooking, right? :D
Star wars Lego.

My wife , niece and babysitter love it .

Funny and easy to play.
well I don't personally feel that you can get "games for girls". When I was your daughters age I used to play first person shooting games, I don't really think it matters- if she enjoys it, she enjoys it. But if you want a "girly" game then I also thoroughly enjoy SSX Tricky and Shrek 3, very fun games indeed.You could always buy an eyetoy for it?? They aren't very expensive and everyone loves eyetoys :thumbsup: Also Disney's Donald Duck Quack Attack is a cracker. Apart from those all my games are GTA, Mafia, WWF Smackdown kind of games rofl.
You shouldn't really let girls play on games consoles. Better to let the boys do that and just get her a couple of knee protectors so she doesn't hurt her knees when she's scrubbing the kitchen floor. If you start treating them too well at an early age they'll be wanting equal rights and the vote before you know it. The only time you should hand a controller to a girl is to clean it after a long gaming session.

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