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PS2 Game Upscaling Help


Emperor M


I am trying to play Final Fantasy XII PS2 on my 60GB UK PAL PS3. The problem I have is that the game does not look very good on my TV and does not seem to be displaying in full screen especially the cutscenes which only take up a third of the screen with massive black bars on the top and the bottom.

When I play the game using the full screen option in the XMB the game displays in fullscreen except for the cutscenes and the opening intro/movie/menu at the beginning of the game. The settings in the game are set to 16:9 and not 4:3. The game is definetely running at 1080i upscaled as when I press info on the remote is says 1920x1080i. I have also played Halo 2 on my 360 connected to the same TV and it displays full screen and performs as expected and behaves exactly like a 360 game except that the graphics are not as good but that is to be expected. The main thing though is that Halo 2 is smooth jaggie free and plays like a normal widescreen game but Final Fantasy has loads of jaggies and does not look very nice. Is this because it is an Xbox game and not a PS2 game?

I have tried all kinds of settings including turning upscaling to off, normal and full screen and smoothing on and off. I have even connected the PS3 to the TV using composite cables but it still does not look very nice.

Can anyone tell me why the game looks so bad and how I can fix it if possible.

P.S: My TV is the samsung LE37R87BDX and PS3 is connected by HDMI cable at 1080i.

Sorry if it is long except that I am planning on buying many more PS2 games and want them to look as good as possible.


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The problem is the game and not your PS3. Even if you play the game on a PS2 the cut scenes are not full screen and you still have slight bars on each side of the screen during normal play.


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playing a 640x480 game on a 1080 tv will never look that good regardless of upscaling.
Also I'm pretty sure halo had a higher resolution with some filtering to get rid of the jaggies which is why it would look a lot better.


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if you change the ps3 output to 720p instead of 1080i you may see an improvement, you'll be reducing how far the ps2 game is being upscaled. Apart from that the ps3 is upscaling to 1080i and the tv is rescaling to fit its 1366x768 native resolution

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