PS2 extension leads not working

I have just spent hours running PS2 extension leads under the floorboards for my son's PS2 handsets/controllers. I ran 3 x 2 metre extension leads joined together to make one long 6 metre cable, and 4 x 2 metre joined together to make a second long 8 metre cable (one each side of the settee), I was assured that they would work, but all I get is the red light on the controller flashing, and nothing happens. I joined one of the extension leads to the handset and it worked fine, so I guess that the leads are not able to take the current required when extended so far.

It was obviously a bit silly of me not checking them first before spending hours under the floorboards (we live and learn I suppose).

Has anyone got any suggestions, or confirm that my runs are too long (we have previously had 2 wireless controllers and both packed up)?


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