PS2, E55 recorder and 60 Hz


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have done a thorough search but can't find the answer to my question. I have tried to change the output on Burnout3 and Prince of Persia to 60hz but keep on getting a blank screen. I have a PS2 looped through a Panasonic E55 recorder, using a PS2 Ixos RGB scart into the E55 which then upconverts to component. On a previous thread it was mentioned that the E55 only does NTSC at 60hz. I have no problems playing 50hz games though.

Anybody experience similar problems? :(

Many thanks in anticipation


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if your panny is set to rgb, then the ps2 has to be rgb output into the panny,because its converted to composite thats why the screen goes blank, i have a similar thing on sky, when looped through my e65 panny as soon as i press tv button and the signal goes to composite, the screen goes blank, so either set your panny to composite output or ps2 to rgb

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