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have done a thorough search but can't find the answer to my question. I have tried to change the output on Burnout3 and Prince of Persia to 60hz but keep on getting a blank screen. I have a PS2 looped through a Panasonic E55 recorder, using a PS2 Ixos RGB scart into the E55 which then upconverts to component. On a previous thread it was mentioned that the E55 only does NTSC at 60hz.

Will the PS2 be outputting PAL60 not NTSC and will this be the source of the problem?

If I get NTSC Region 1 games and the disc-based mod where you fiddle with the tray (forget the name), will it be passed from the PS2 as NTSC not PAL60?

Many thanks in anticipation :lease:

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I am pretty sure that the PS2 outputs 60hz games as NTSC60hz as whenever I tried to play games in 60hz on my old TV it would come out in black and white but because the Gamecube outputs 60hz as PAL60hz I am able to run the Gamecube is 60hz with my old TV in full colour.

The only way to get the PS2 to ouput PAL60hz is to get the ForcePAL mod done which involves soldering certain points on the mainboard, I had it done when I had my PS2 chipped and was then able to play NTSC60hz games through my old TV no problem.


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Hmm, i have a few ideas, and one wild suggestion!

1. Yes the PS2 is only outputting a PAL60 signal which could be the root cause of your problems.

2. Getting a NTSC game seems like a hassle just to keep your PS2 wired as it is.

3. Have you tried(and this is my 'wild' suggestion) changing the video output of your PS2 from RGB to ypbr?

4. Why not just connect your PS2 via your IXOS scart? or get a component video cable for it.


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Ignore comment 1. Indiana is more than likely correct with what he said.

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