PS2 DVD Problems


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Hi all Iam currently using my PS2 as my main player whilst my Panny is away being chipped. Until recently ive never bothered using the PS2 to play DVDs so iam not sure wether this problem is a result of my not setting up the machine right for films or wether it is a fault that has always been there since I had the machine.

Anyway the problem is with the majority of disks I play everything is fine until around the layer change where it starts to stutter and then eventually stops and wont play further.:mad:
Ive managed to skip past problem points and then search back up to just after the problem point where it then plays reasonably well with the odd stutter of picture flutter.:rolleyes:

What do you think guys?
Iam almost certain the 12 month warranty has just expired isnt that always the case tho!!


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Hi Stealther,

I dont think it is a common problem but mine is just the same, everyone i know with one hasn't had any problems. I got in touch with sony and they said an engineer would have to have a look at it so i thought this would be expensive, more than it was worth.

I sold my dvd player to buy my ps2 when they was released, but i soon found out how **** it was and soon bought myself a new dvd player. I only consider it as a games console now just for playing games on.


At last, someone has seen the light <g> Consoles are good for playing videogames since they were designed to do just that... If anyone wants to use the PS2 or Xbox as a serious DVD player then they would be better off with a Toshiba SD220E.

In stealthers case though its a bit odd... Whenever I had to use my PS2 as a DVD player the layer change is okay, but many DVD players and consoles handle the layer change differently. Maybe you need the firmware upgrade (provided with the PS2 remote package)?

It could just be that the laser needs re-calibrating after extensive use... Although I wouldn't touch the laser unless you know what to do. I guess for now you would have to sit tight until your chipped panny comes back >_<


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Cheers for the info guys
I found my recipt for the PS2 and had 6 days left on the warranty so I took it back to HMV and they gave me a New one. I must say I think that there must have been something seriously wrong with my other player because my new one seems to display a much better quality picture both with DVDs and with Games.
Its still not as good as my Panasonic tho but it will have to do until I can afford to pay Techtronics for my DVD player as they are holding it ransom until pay day:mad:


I haven't had a problem with my PS2 playing DVD's until I watched Hamburger Hill and as soon as it hit the layer change it became stuttery and then gave up and the disc became unreadable but after the chapter it went back to normal. What disc did it happen on with you?.

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