PS2 + CRT Telly - static wavy lines

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by blitterblasted, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Hi folks – I hope it's ok to post this in both the CRT telly and PS2 forums… I just need to catch as many possible readers who may have had this issue as follows:

    Tested \ Compared Kit:

    21” Samsung Slimfit CRT
    24” Sony Triniton CRT
    Original PS2 console + 2 PS2 RGB Scart leads; 1 Sony brand, and 1 3rd party
    XBOX1 + XBOX make RGB scart
    Cheapo DVD player + decent flat cabled RGB Scart.


    Any combined configuration of all the above is fine EXCEPT:

    PS2 to Slimfit via either of the RGB leads, whether in the RGB SCART socket OR AV (composite) socket – I get horizontally orientated, stationary, white & greenish wavy colouration banding, kind of “spiralling” (but not moving) to the centre.

    PS2 to Sony Triniton – fine. Seems to rule out the console and\or cable fault.

    XBOX and DVD player to Slimfit – fine. Seems to rule out Slimfit fault.

    It is as if there is some odd compatibility issue between the Slimfit and the PS2!
    I bought the Slimfit specifically for legacy gaming :-(

    And to rule out location specific interference, I have tried both TVs in the same locations as each other etc, and all results are the same as above.

    Any ideas? Anyone had, and since resolved the issue? Anyone got a different model PS2 + Slimfit CRT and do not have the same issue? :lease:

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