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PS2 Console + modchip + 4 games + Accessories

Discussion in 'Playstation - PS3, PS2, PS1 & PSP Forum' started by mrbrown66, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. mrbrown66

    mrbrown66 Guest

    This is an excellent condition PS2 console with games included and mod chip installed.

    Comes with the following:
    - Playstation 2 Console (Model no:SCPH-30003)
    - Two PS2 Dual Shock Controllers
    - 8mb Memory Card
    - Magic 3.6 mod chip installed
    - Burnt copies of JAK and DAXTER, Prince of Persia, Tony Hawks Underground and Soul Calibur 2. No manuals.
    - PS2 Optical digital sound cable if requested

    The Magic 3.6 ModChip allows you to boot any PS2 or PS1 Import and Backup Game (CD-R, DVD+/-R) without swap method and without the help of an Action Replay 2 or Gameshark 2. It cost £100 to purchase and install and has been a real gem.

    £120 + £10 postage and handling. Or can collect if living near Islington.
  2. Adrenochrome

    Adrenochrome Well-known Member

    Dec 20, 2002
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    Babel Sensurround
    I think i would delete this item if i were you ;)

  3. Taz

    Taz Guest

    Advertising stolen goods, pirated DVDs/games or goods described as working but known to be faulty will get the advertiser an instant and permanent forum ban.

    Thread closed.

    As your a new member I'll give you a chance to read the trading rules.

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