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I have recently reorganised my house and the Home Cinema Equipment in it. I used to have my PS2 connected via RGB to a SCART socket in my 28" WS TV. I have bought a new DVD player for this WS TV and decided to move the PS2 upstairs to connect it to my wee portable TV (wife agrees with this too ;) ).

So I have connected my PS2 to the portable TV via the RF socket (using separate cable I have purchased for this). But... the picture is shocking. Very dark and grainy. I have checked the settings on the PS2 - there seems to be only two options for PS2 output (RGB and something else). I have tried switching between these two settings to no effect.

I am thinking of buying a new portable with a SCART to solve this but I wondered if there is anything else I should check first? Thanks.



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The picture shouldn't really be that bad, i know it will not be perfect but should be o.k. Is the cable kinked or anything.

Have you tryed it on your WS using the same cable to make sure its not the portable.


Composite/RF is pure evil to me ^_^ I couldn't degrade the PS2 or any other console to anything less than an RGB Scart lead... Sadly though that means that you might have to buy another portable if picture quality is of any concern...


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Thanks for the replies. I messed around with my portable again last night. There is a button called AF (I think) - I switched this to off and the picture is much better.

I'm still thinking of buying a new TV though ;)

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