PS2 component prog scan problem (le32r41bdx)



I have a slimline PAL PS2 with component cables connected to a LE32R41BDX.

The Getaway 1 has a prog scan option with component cables (rare for a PAL game, I know), but when I select it I get an oversized and very pink display! I thought I'd try the getaway because it's teh only prog scan PAL game I own.

Anyone have a clue what's wrong here? I know the Samsungs are progressive through component because the Xbox 360 is demoed on them.


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I also have a slimline PS2 & Samsung LE32R41BDX.

I only have one PAL progressive scan game which is Primal.

I bought the IXOS XPP04 component cable and it works great except for the usual borders all around that you seem to get with PS2 on HDTV screens (from what I have read).

I assume you set the PS2 to component output instead of RGB?

Mainly bought the cable to play RE4 in progressive (when its released) until the PS3 comes out. Didn't even realise Primal had progressive support until I read web.

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