PS2 Chipping ( Any Good )


I'am looking into getting my Ps2 chipped with the M Clone ,
The big thing is it as good as I have herd and will do all the
following :

Play Original Usa / Japan Games
Play Psx Originals
Play Psx Cdr's / Hong Kong Silvers
Play Ps2 Cdr's / Dvdr's & Hong Kong Silvers

So Anyone with the chipp installed is it worh getting done ,
Who out-there will supply & install the Phoenix (M) clone chipp

Some Help Please



I chipped mine with a Messiah... Easy installation (23 wires) and it works 100% with all of my games. To celebrate I bought FFX: International back in Feb ^_^

Going to chip another PS2 soon and the chances are I'll use another Messiah.



I have seen on other Forums that a lot of people have had problems with the Pheonix (M) clone chip ,
Do you know Anyone who will supply and install chip ? ? ,
Also will your Ps2 play all games with no problems ,

P/s You can now longer get the Messiah just the clones like the
Elvis / Pheonix which are exact copy's ,

So please need some help in finding someone good to install chip


We Can Rebuild Him ( Yeh For Six Million Dollars )


Bionic, the Messiah still lives on... In China ^_- Pop over to and they will supply such chips to you. As for reliability, sometimes the disk doesn't boot from powering on the PS2 with the reset button, but then you just press reset again and the import PS2 software will boot up.

For PSX backups or imported software, you put the disk in first, close the tray then press the reset button twice (like a double click). This activates the Messiah into "backup" mode and the games will run with no probs.

For PS2 imports its a direct boot and for copies I'd expect it to use the backup mode... I don't own any PS2 backup games so I can't test this out for you.

For all originals its a direct boot, even with EA games so theres no patching required.

For disks like DVD Region X and any other boot up disks (Action Replay, blah blah) then just go into backup mode and everything will work flawlessly. For other chips like the NEO, you have to put in your backup or so into the PS2 within 10 seconds, since activation of backup mode will open your PS2's tray... IMO The Messiah is the best solution since its a true direct boot chip.

As for installation... I don't know anyone but I remember peeps asking for £120 to install a NEO4.1... Not surprised since that chip had 44 wires on some VERY hard soldering points. IMHO if you know a good electriction or anyone good with a soldering iron (12W) then ask them kindly for them to install it for you. I installed mine mysef and I was quite decent at soldering back in high school so I gave it a go. All of the points are easy to solder bar one that has to be on a resistor... Check out lik-sang again for installation diagrams.

If you do go down this route though please use the right equipment... Get some decent flux, solder, a good iron with a 1mm tip, solder knife to correct any mistakes (I didn't have to but its nice to have for any sort of soldering), solder wick, and either a wet cloth or a proper iron tip sponge. Also the choice of wire is important... The one I used was a bit thick so pop down your local electronics shop and invest in the thinnest roll of wire you can find. You will basically use this wire for all the points except one - The ground and power. For this use a bog standard electrical wire.

If you can't find someone then maybe someone will reply and help you out with an installer for you mate.


The link didn't work for me o_O Just for the record, Lik-sang also has the Messiah for £45 not inc shipping though.


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Sorry for resurecting such an old thread but im searching for someone to supply me a modded ps2. Anyone got any reccommendations?

I've heard the messiah or Magic3 chips are the best to go for as you dont have to swap disks etc with them.

What I want...

play psx cdr
play ps2 cdr's
play ps2 imports
not have to use a swap method or knife trick.

Thanks for looking


I can't remember too many places that will supply a modded PS2 anymore... Have a look at though and you could be in luck. I've pre-ordered my X-Ecuter II from here for my Xbox.

For the PS2 the Messiah (M2 is yet to be released) or the Magic v2/v3 will do the job for direct booting of all games. I've personally got a Messiah and it hasn't failed me. Looking to buy a Messiah 2 for my 2nd PS2 as well. If you can't buy a pre-modded PS2 then do it yourself... Or find someone who is decent at soldering since the solder points for the Magic/Messiah isn't that difficult.

Hope that helps.

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