PS2 Bits FS + GC Mem Card


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hi, is this-
GC Memory Card 59 - £4

boxed with the 2 sets of stickers?
if so i'll take it/ if not will you do £3?


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Hi guys,

Ive been ill so ive not been able to get on to see whats been happaning!

Piero Milani - I was hoping to let the adapter go for the asking price, its virtually brand new. only been outta its box so i could play time crisis on a tv that didnt have a scart socket. So its not seen much use.

mt50 - Indeed it does come with all the stickers, and it its original box.


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hi, yeah i'll take it for £4 then, how do you want payment, i can do paypal, nochex, bank transfer.

oh also i've got 3pages of feedback over at ntsc-uk forums and 50+ on ebay so i am a good trader :)


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Hi I will take the following for the asking price:

PS2 Av Adaptor (S-Video out, Av multi out, Phono out) - £5

pm me to arrange payment.

regards FRANC


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I wasn't quite sure whos shout it would have been, so I consulted the trade rules and found this,

The first offer of the asking price must secure the sale

So that means its francs call

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