PS2 backups

My copy of GT3 for PS2 has stopped working, I assume because the disk is dead. I have quite a few games and a CD/DVD burner and I'm considering backing them up.

I am aware that my PS2 won't be able to read the backups though. Not a problem until I need them. Also, I would like to start getting some japanese and US games like GT4 prologue etc.

What do I need for my PS2 to a) be able to read my backups and b) be able to play any region of disk?

I guess some sort of chip but is there any solution that doesn't involve soldering? I want a permanent fix, no disk swapping ideas. I've seen Action Replay and Messiah etc. but it's not really clear how all these things work together and which you need.

Could somebody in the know please give me a very quick summary of what my options are? If I need to get it chipped, is there a good company I can send it to that are cheap and reliable?

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If you have a Messiah chip you dont need Action Replay, that is only for chips which use Swap Discs, with a Messiah type chip you just put in the import or backup and press the Rest button, then it will boot up straight away.

You may have a problem though if you dont want a soldered chip because all the non-swap disc chips have to be soldered onto the mainboard and so do most other swap disc chips.

When it comes to getting the modchip installed it varies, I sent mine off to a recommened person and after about 3 weeks I had it back and it worked perfectly and always has but I know of people who have taken their PS2 to a computer fair to have it done and within a few days their PS2 has died and there is nothing that can be done so it can be quite risky.
OK, messiah it is. I'm no-where near London so it'll have to be a postage job. Where's the best place to get this mod done? Will I get any kind of warranty. PS2 is expensive enough as it is without getting it trashed.

Indiana Jones

I gave the Messiah as an example mate, I had mine done last christmas, there are better chips available now.

Also, a modchip (direct boot) and installation could set you back £50-£100 and most chippers will only give a warrenty on the chip so if they install it and a month down the line your PS2 stops reading discs there wont be anything the chipper can do.

When it comes to modchips, it all comes down to how easy/expensive you want it mate as direct boot modchips are the most expensive but the best as you just put in the import/backup and it will work straight away. You can get cheaper modchips but they require you to use Action Replay to change discs a few times.


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Sorry to butt into this thread...i'm after some advice please. Will an Eye Toy work on my modded Ps2, I have the older style swop disc type chip, thanks to anyone who replies.

By the way i have often seen ps2 chipping done in computer fairs, but get there early as they are usually very busy!


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Yeah the Ripper 2 or the DMS3 are both decent chips. I've got a DMS3 but the Ripper2 does the same thing and is easier to install and cheaper I think.


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A have the new Messiah Pro2 v1.33 chip installed in my ps2 and it boots everything from any region.
Went for the Messiah as the chip has been around for a few years now and have proven to be a very reliable chip. the DMS3 is also a good chip. Down to your own prefs really.


p.s. theres now reason why an eyetoy will not work after the machine has been modded.


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I second

give Will a call or send him a mail, really nice guy and excellent work.

Maybe better and cheaper to buy a machine ready done and sell your ps2, remember the version 9, or is it 10, can read dvd-r/rw without a problem and wont cause your laser to go as quick.


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Originally posted by gizlaroc

Maybe better and cheaper to buy a machine ready done and sell your ps2, remember the version 9, or is it 10, can read dvd-r/rw without a problem and wont cause your laser to go as quick.

Version 9 has problems, version 10 is fine though and fixes all the problems with version 9

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Originally posted by Stereo Steve
Mines quite new but not sure which version. Got it late last year.

I'm looking at the flip top idea as it's cheap. A mod is going to cost me near £100 including postage and that's a lot to play a few imports.

Flip Top Case isnt bad if you want a cheap way of playing backups/imports but it isnt a permanent fix and you will have to change discs a few times which I thought you didnt want to do?

I would personally go for a direct boot modchip, if installed well it will last the life of your PS2 and you wont have to fiddle about with changing discs, you will just open the disc try, put in the backup/import and off it will go.


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I know this doesn't address your issue with the backups, but I'm pretty sure that distributors will replace damaged/unusable original media for a nominal charge, possibly even for free.

I would get in touch with the UK distributor for GT3 and see what they say.

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Have you tried your copy of GTA3 on another PS2 to make sure it isnt your laser having trouble reading it?


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Also with the flip top method you have to patch some of the games plus some just dont work.

Def go for a modchip installed you wont be dissapointed!!!

I will email the makers of GT3, see if I can send it back and get a replacement. The problem is with import games, sending them back to Japan is not going to be easy.

I think a modchip is the answer really. I just have to decide if it's worth it I spose.

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