PS2 and RGB output for dvds?


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Feb 5, 2003
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Hi Guys -

I have been down to Argos today to buy one of their RGB cables for my PS2. RGB works fine for games but trying to watch a dvd in RGB mode results in a green screen. The cable packet does state that dvd will be composite only but that got me wondering... .surely the PS2 supports RGB output for DVDs? If so, I assume I need to take this cable back and buy another? Am I forgetting something else? Just to add that the little switch on the SCART lead doesn't seem to do anything at all & the dvd picture in composite mode is fine colourwise despite being noticably worse PQ wise.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Any comments welcome!


Ok - I'll be the first to say it... I should have checked the archives first!! I just found that this is a common problem for unchipped boxes...

Looks like im stuffed on RGB output for DVDs :(

Originally posted by Merritt

Looks like im stuffed on RGB output for DVDs :(

That pretty much sums it up, but there are loads of cheap dvd players around these days that will give better picture than the ps2 as well as coming witha remote.
Thanks 2manyconsoles! Im in the process of trying to justify the new Denon A11 but just want a temporary measure until I decide what to do... Looks like I'll have to use composite or buy the component cable for the PS2 and temporarily drag it up the wall to my screen :rolleyes:

Oh well.


Hi Mate,

I bought an RGB scart lead made by BLAZE which has a switch which when watching a DVD you switch over to DVD mode and it cuts out the green tint. I also believe if you by the REGION X disc that should also cut the green tint out.

The blaze lead works best for me, might be worth you taking back the one from Argos and try and track down a BLAZE one.

Good Luck

made by BLAZE which has a switch which when watching a DVD you switch over to DVD mode

I may be wrong but im pretty sure that switch will be changing your signal from RGB to composite.. which kinda defeats the point of the RGB cable. Are you sure the signal is still RGB after the switch has been changed?


I've got one of these leads but it's permanently set to RGB (as I have a dedicated DVD player).

For the odd time I may want to watch a film via my PS2, I shove in a copy of DVD Region X which allows me to watch films with the stupid green tint removed from the RGB output. The fact that it also allows me to watch films from any region is another bonus.

I'll check to see what the other output signal is, it's either composite or s-video.
If you have a RGB PS2 Scart Cable it will always display DVD films in green, the only ways around it are to buy DVD Region X as it removes the green screen or you can have the Green Screen Fix, think it involves soldering certain points on the mainboard, I had it done along with the Force PAL mod, now NTSC and PAL playback perfectly through my RGB Cable.
Guys - Thanks for the replies.

I have downloaded a copy of dvd region X... The .exe file contains a sub directory with two files inside it called SCD-rgx.bin and SCD-rgx.cue. I assume I need to write these files onto a cd or dvd? Could someone take a look at the contents of their region x disc to see what it contains & in what structure please ....


I may be wrong but I think you need a legit copy of DVD Region X because it requires you to change the Region X disc for a DVD without resetting your console and with the modchip I have you need to press reset twice to boot DVD Films but the good news is that you can buy it for about £10
Ok - I have used Nero to convert the image files into normal files on the CD so in theory I now have a bootable CD for the PS2... However, when I stick the cd in the ps2 I get a red message saying 'please insert a Playstation or Playstation2 CD'...

Do I need to do anything to make the cd bootable?


If you have made a copy of REGION X the it wont work, as in theory this is now a "Backup" and so a modchip would need to be installed to boot it. Although saying that i dont even think a modded ps2 would boot it.

p.s. as far as im aware my signal is always RGB to be honest i use the ps2 to play games on not using it as a DVD player so it suites me fine.

Go for a REGION X disc from your local store.


plus that image would need to be a 1:1 copy of REGION X.

You best bet is to pay a tenner and get one from HMV.

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