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WoW! Just got a copy of Afterburner 2 (part of Sega's 2500 3D remake series) through the post today and have to say it is superb!!

If you are a fan of Afterburner then this is an absolute MUST! Esentially they have remade Afterburner2 with proper polygon 3D planes and ground detail whilst keeping the gameplay identical (actually it seems to play even better!) to the original! The wave patterns, sound effect and Music are all the same but they have inproved the framerate (now very smooth indeed!), the explosions and all of the graphics full stop whilst also retaining the instant look of the original. There are also neat touches like the F14's wings swinging back when you fire up the afterburners!

Further to this they have also included 3 other planes, an A10 bomber, a Harrier and a F117 Stealth fighter. These all have different characteristics - the Harrier is more manouverable and the A10 carried more missiles for example. You can also save the high score table to the memory card.

It's only available from Asia at the moment but Sega have announced that they are now releasing their Ages series over here which is great news. They have already released Golden Axe, Space Harrier, Virtua racing and Monaco Grand prix and a few others in Japan with Outrun to come! I just hope they release Super Hang On, Thunderblade and Power Drift as well!!

Seriously if you like Afterburner then get this it is superb!

I personally think that remaking the old classics using todays technology is a superb idea as to be honest gameplay wise the old games are often the best. Marry this with some class graphics whilst retaining the original gameplay and you have an awesome game!


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wow, i might have to swallow my pride and buy a ps2, i cant see these coming to the GC as those games were classed as the rivals to nintendo back in the day

Space harrier in 3d !! cant wait for that one


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Yeah unfortunately they only seem to be on PS2 at the mo although as Sonic is now on the GC now you never know!

Here are a few links anyway - (Main site) (afterburner) (Outrun) (Gain Ground) (Virtua Racing) (Golden Axe (Space Harrier) (Monaco GP) (Phantasy Star)

There's currently 14 titles set to release in the series so far.


Talk about stopped in my tracks!!:eek:


Can you tell I'm excited?

When's that due out? Will it be on GCube + Xbox?


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Golden Axe is out already in Japan but they haven't confirmed any PAL release dates yet so i'm having to import the games I want. If you do import them (Play-Asia stock them all) then you need your PS2 chipped to play them. They were only going to release them in Asia to start with but I did read the other day that they were all getting a US and Europe release.

It doesn't look like they are releasing them on anything but the PS2 at the moment but you never know. One thing is for sure though, I bet there are Sega fans like me everywhere who have been waiting or should I say hoping that they would one day remake their classic titles! I loved the Fantasy star games as well and was completely addicted to FSIV on the Megadrive when that came out so they are also a welcome addition.

The ones I would really like to see (on top of the ones they have announced so far) are Galaxy Force 2 (how good would this be with nice clean proper 3D graphics!), Power Drift and Thunderblade!

Outrun is looking good and that's out in Japan in May, Afterburner2, Golden Axe, Space Harrier and Virtua Racing are already out.


That's such exciting news!

So far, I've yet to buy a ps2; almost did for the ghouls + ghosts remake - Maximo, but plumped for Gamecube because of the Sonic games.

I got an Xbox for Panzer Dragoon + MSR (I mean Proj. Gotham:cool: )

But 3d Golden Axe would be amazing.I have G.Axe on tons of systems:- SMS, MD, C64, Saturn (beat em up), DC Soul fighter is close and until recently, I had the jamma board running in a 3/4 cabinet(not dedicated).
The bassist in my band owned a small pooltable/jukebox/videogame/bandit hire company and the machine had to go back when he sold the buisness.:confused:

Now, thanks to Sega Smash Pack on the GBA, I can hack 'n go!!

I'm pretty glad I joined this forum!


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Yeah Panzer dragoon & the PGR games are great and they would probably be what I would but an X-Box for. I have yet to get a cube or an X-Box but would like to get them both at some stage, especially as they are now so cheap!

I loved the Panzer Dragoon games on the Saturn and still play them now!

I must admit that Golden Axe was one of my fave games back when it came out in the Arcade and on the MD and it still rocks today. I've got a Jamma cab and often play it on that now.

I must say SEGA have produced some of my all time fave games over the years and most of them have stood the test of time very well indeed! It's just the sheer fun and excitement that their games generate when you play them I guess. You'll be hard pushed to find games that are more fun to play than Outrun or Afterburner IMO.

Personally if I didn't own the console that these games were on then i'd be straight down the shops to buy one. Oh and the thing that makes the 3D Ages 2500 games even better is that they are budget games, working out at around £18 each (Including postage)from Play-Asia. This also means that there's no duty to pay on them.

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