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Hi chaps

I am sure that at this time of year with people looking to buy consoles for presents a little refresher on consoles would not go amiss. For those new to consoles - or like me, don't know where to start, here are a few questions:-

I have a PS2 purchased from HMV - therefore no modifications.

Can I play games purchased over the net i.e. import games I hear so much about on these forums.

What would be the main differences to what I can buy in the shops.

What is the deal with getting your PS2 'chipped'. Is this legal. What are the advantages. Where do you get it done ?

Is there a modified dongle (?) which allows imported games to work without nullifying your waranty.

I am sure these and many others are questions which people would like the answers to but don't know where to start. If you know, then you may think that these are basic and obvious questions - but we all had to start somewhere.

Any help - much appreciated as ever.



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1. It you have purchased a PAL system you can play ANY PAL games. You can buy these over the net.

2. You cannot play NTSC games or import games. This will require a modification.

3. The main differences are import games are usually released earlier and also play in full speed. Unless a PAL game is optimized for 60 Hz then you will get borders and a 17.5% reduction in speed. Obviously Japanese games are in Japanese :) Some games are never released at all in Europe, these are mainly Japanese RPGs and shoot-em-ups. You must make sure your TV will support an NTSC input though, most new TVs do.

4. If you chip your PS2 then it invalidates the warranty. The whole chipping area is a minefield, there are multitudes of different chips with different capabilities. There are USB "dongles", however these still require soldering one wire.

5. If you want to access the import scene, then from a legal standpoint you are better off buying an imported console.


If you import then the American market would be the best hunting ground for obvious language reasons. Also the majority of import titles are cheaper and indeed run in full screen, full speed as Sinzer has pointed out.

If you do modify a PAL PS2 (like I have) then you can still buy original import titles without a problem. Basically if you do have any hassle from certain people (which is extremely rare) just show them your gaming collection. If you only have original import titles then there is very little the police and authorities can do. If they do question it, then ask why is it legal for us to import DVDs, cars, electronics, food etc from other countries... Chance are he'll shut up and leave you alone then.

Its only when you start buying copied titles which will give you legal problems if found out. I personally haven't bought a single copied console videogame and will always choose the original over a tacky copy.

Everything else is covered in Sinzers post but feel free to ask anymore questions ^_^

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