PS Vita Slim...worth the buy?


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Hi there. I'm looking to get the new PS Vita Slim. I i want to discuss things but not dwelling too much on the OLED vs LCD controversy or battery life as i believe those are very subjective and depends on many variables. Instead i want to ask:
1. Why can't one access the internal memory and the memory card slot at the same time? With Sony phones & tablets on the Android system you can. Why can't they implement that on the PS Vita-S for easier games access and convenience?

2. Compatibilty - Is it mostly PSP or PSOne games? How about PS2 games? Will it indicate in the webiste if a game is "downloadable" for the Vita? And what Sony define as "mostly"?

3. I understand one can do a screenshot on the Vita-S. Where will i find that screenshot? And is there an option to share that screenshot to Twitter?

4. Physical disc vs download - As a "general rule" is a physical disc more expensive than downloads? Does the game load faster on a physical disc than download?

5. Does PS Plus members get free games each month? And why the lack of "AAA" games and the Vita's library of games seem to depend too much on indie (and "mostly" old games which are...mostly and not all) games.

6. How often Sony put out updates for the Vita-S?

Would appreciate any help & advice. Thanks.


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Oooopppss! Good intentions and all! Here we go:

1. One of the main reasons (I think) was the Dark Alex was able to access the internal memory on the PSP and basically unlock it for the hacking community. The vita is basically clamped down as much as possible. Sony have done pretty well since the PSP debacle with the ps3 taking a long time to be hacked and the vita still untouchable. (It can run the PSP emulator but it cant run any dumped vita games at all)

2. Only psx and psp games available on the various ps stores will work legally. Theres quite a lot on there but there still may be a few that you are missing for some reason e.g. I think dissidia isnt on there now. You can use hacks to play all the psp and psx games but still own them before doing this (as its piracy if you dont!). Also, hacks dont come about much and also remove psn access - not worth it imo.

3. Screenshots are saved in the gallery but I dont know about the twitter thing - not that way inclined!

4. Physical tends to be cheaper but vita games are less common so it can often work the other way (in the UK at least). I normally wait for digital sales and then get them e.g. Ys memories for £14!

5. Yes games each month at least two but sometime more if there are cross buy ones in there as well

6. Updates are fairly regular - either linked to feature updates e.g. PS4 link, stability fixes or updates to block the latest hacks (which is quite often as well!)

Hope that helps



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Hey thanks for the reply paddy187.

Well, i'm not into hacking the Vita. If its easy and free maybe i'll give it a go. But perhaps not now. But...

Why can't i access the memory card and the internal memory and a game card inserted all at the same time?

Does a physical gamecard loads faster than a downloaded game? Can i transfer a downloaded game from my internal memory to the memory card?

Now, i heard the PS Vita is a "dying platform" as less and less games are being released and support by Sony is dwindling. Any truth to this?

You see as someone who bought a PSP 3 years ago this is is my assessment:

There has been a steep rise of mobile gaming in the past years for Android & iOS. Sony should have anticipated this and done something about it. I'm not a technical person but Sony should have 1. Made a better PS Vita (a better kind of LCD screen tech, a much bigger battery, 1Gb RAM, non-popreitary stuff, etc.) and 2. Better tools for developers to easily make/port games to the Vita. Would you guys agree?

I heard from someone that there are now roughly 70%-80% PSP and PS1 games are compatible for the Vita. Is this true? Why seemingly no games list on the official Sony Playstation UK website?
its pretty much dead imo, never use mine anymore. no releases other than crappy indies, remote play is useless for FPS/TPS because the sticks are no good (ok for driving and TPS that don't have a lot of shooting like AC) ok for if you're into old ps1 titles i suppose.


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I thought about it but the screen is so small, I bought a psp years ago and hardly ever used it for the same reason. I would go for it when it has a 10'' screen but 5'' is for me just too small.


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I use mine nearly every day and one of the best Vita games released was just released last month (Tales of Hearts R).

It's not dead in the water and Remote Play has been the biggest spur of sales in the past year or so. Although they need to make it more solid, it's still really good in my experience. I can play some basic missions on Destiny via remote play as well as bounties very often.

The biggest problem it has in my experience is they don't push their hard copies into stores anymore. Only game stores carry new releases now and it's not even all new releases. This is why sales are dwindling in my opinion, not because people don't like the games on the system. Parents don't think there are enough games for the kids.

Oh, and the effing memory cards are expensive as hell so people that want to go digital have less incentive.


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My Vita is my main gaming platform and still used every day - PS4 hardly gets a look in. But, that said, it's dead UNLESS you like indies (I generally don't tbh) or JRPGs/other niche Japanese stuff. Any other new releases (even PS2 HD remakes) are basically non-existent now.

There is a big back catalogue of stuff to go through though - easily enough to get your hundred odd quids worth IMO.


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I can understand slowly why Sony seems showing less (or lack of) enthusiasm with the platform. There were almost zero mention of the Vita at this year's E3. The website's number of games seems disappointing to say the least. And if the numbers are correct (i.e. less than 50% for PSP and less than 20% for the PS1 according to one in the PS forums) then its all looking gloomy don't you think?

And if they want to continue with the Vita and concentrate more on indie and third-party games then what's the purpose of having a service such as PS Now if there are no more/less & less priority on backward compatibility/remastered old games with recent/current ones but with an expensive streaming price tag limited to 90 days?

A very limited backward compatibility games catalogue, fewer first-party games, expensive games & memory cards and an expensive streaming service...It sounds like Sony is putting more nails in the coffin. How can Sony hope to compete with iOS & Android? Yes the Vita offers a unique experience with the controllers and stuff but...

Say for example FIFA 15. The graphics on a mobile device such as an iPad and those high-end Android tablets can now rival (if not better) a PSP or PS2. So FIFA 15 would costs anything from £2.99-£4.99 in-app purchase (to unlock everything) whereas with the Vita it costs in the region of £20-£25. If i can get PS2-like or PSP then why would i need a PS Vita then?

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