PS-2 Slim line trade in price?


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Any idea what the current trade in price for a PS-2 at gamestation or GAME?

It's for my brother, thanks.


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at which gamestation are they selling the ps2 for £52?

the 2 gamestation that I've been at (in birmingham) sell them for £80(pre-owned excluding game) and thats the cheapest price I've seen so far
Snowman the 52 pounds price is the trade in price not the second hand price. i.e Gamestation buys for 52 pounds and sells for 80 or so.


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Yeah that was trade price, not selling price. All pre-owned consoles brought from Gamestation come with a 12 month warranty. Currently original PS2s are £79.99, or £89.99 with four "4 for £20" games.

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