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Sep 14, 2000
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Can anyone tell me the resolution the ProV outputs in XGA mode? I believe its 1024X768.
I wish to test the picture quality from my PC, it will then give me an idea what picture quality I could expect if I should go for one.

Yes, it's 1024x768.

I haven't tried it with the Panny yet (still being repaired) so i'm using the Pro-V with my monitor.

Very impressed so far. It's like having a 17" HDTV.
I just tried 1024x768 and a get a very narrow image with dvd playback, pc priority is set to wide in the AE100 menu, is this correct for watching 16:9 software, if I do not get a 16:9 Anamorhic image with the ProV i cant see the point in having one.

Am I missing something :confused:
Am I missing something

You must be, my proV gives a full wide-screen image when set to 1024x768, set the dvd player and sky to wide. Every thing is as it should be except sky 4:3 material which you can either watched stretched, zoomed or in 4:3. If you want a user friendly way to improve sky it works.

I would be interested to know how it fairs to your 510 in progressive agaist svid and proV.
Hi John

I would be interested to know how it fairs to your 510 in progressive agaist svid and proV.

Sure thing, when I get round to ordering one, I have just ordered a new Amp so it won't be for a while.

I bet the ProV would win ;) less scaling.

Has anyone tested the Prov with the intro to ST Insurrection, it looks great in progressive on my 510, but looks dreadful normal interlaced.
It would be interesting to know how the ProV handles this film when fed grom an svideo player.
Any ProV owners care to comment on the picture quality of cable TV thru the ProV as opposed to composite video ?

I've got an AE100 and would like to improve the quality of my TV picture - does the ProV ouput a Pal Progressive signal ?

TimH, not intending to hijack your post !!


Sean G.

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