ProV or not ProV?


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What is the general feeling on the ProV? Is the picture quality out of it any good and will it cause lip-sync problems?

Is this going to be any better than a ProV?

richard plumb

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That product doesn't say what resolutions it supports, and you don't say what you plan on using it with.

If you are using an AE100, then you want to be able to output XGA (1024x768) for the best results. If this thing only outputs 640x480 then it might produce mixed results.

Some kind of box (proV, this one you mention, others) is good to improve normal TV/video viewing. The jury is still split on DVD playback, but generally they are an improvement when your projector doesn't have a good scaler (the AE100 doesn't have a good scaler)


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i can say that the prov can improve dvd playback, it is more obvious on a bad disc, i have a dvd of the original starwars which through the tv is great but the PJ shows up its flaws, when played via the prov the picture is greatly improved.


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Definitely ProV for cleaning up TV........ very good on DVD, but not as good as HCPC - haven't seen native Prog scan DVD player yet so can't judge - see Prog scan shootout posts for further opinions.

Mind you. I'm wondering about this:

This is the ViewSonic VB50 - looks identical to ProV (Mine is called XGA Theater - from Scancom, UK arm of Avtoolbox), but if you read the specs, it'll do 850*480 @ 60Hz - thats not miles away from AE100 native resolution. ( I see 848*480 from my laptop as Wide480 on the AE100, and its absolutely brilliant). The Viewsonic is probably hidebound by NTSC standards - it says nothing about Pal.

Now, has anyone out there got one of these ?

I wonder is it possible to tweak the ProV to give 852*480 - Remote hack, internal fix ?

**Edited to correct my woeful typing ! **

Sean G.


I've been using a Pro-V with my AE100 for the last week.

Found 3 bad points:-

Vertical banding artifacts on my AE100.

Lots of artifacts during fast moving images.
eg. in a football match, the crowd in the background of a player close-up breaks up.

Loss of 'Just' mode. In VGA mode, I can only choose 4:3 or 16:9. Losing 'Just' mode which filled out the 16:9 panel using a 4:3 source giving a natural looking picture.

Good point:-

Cleaned up a composite picture for my folks DVD player.

Walter mitty

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I use Pro v and can`t fault it....I don`t get any of the problems mentioned above or indeed any others. I never have used just mode so that doesnt bother me. I have heard of sync probs but I get no probs whatsoever???? i think it`s well worth the money.


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Be very careful as I have bought one and can honestly say
it is only marginally better that a component feed into the panny
(If that)
Problems I have found are:
1) Picture break up with white flashes. (Basically a lot of PS2 games and flash photography on films)
3) I cannot get the colours to look as good as the native source.
ie. S-video or Component colours seem more real.
Good points are:
Very nice stable cinematic picture.
And thats about it.
Hope its been of some help.



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ProV problems unless your DVD is Macrovision disabled ???

I'm passing a laptop thru the VGA connections so its not an issue, but out of curiosity I played a dvd on my PS2 which is connected via Svideo. It played no problem - blooming good quality too - not in the HCPC stakes, but you'd need to be watching very carefully for jaggies etc to find them and the colour detail is better with HCPC.

The PS2 is bog standard - no mods of any kind. Does this mean that

A; PS2 via Svideo bypasses macrovision, or

B; the problem is not with DVD/Macrovision at all - a cabling issue or RF interference perhaps ????

Sean G.


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The macrovision problem is not apparant on all macrovision discs. I guess there must be different kinds of macrovision.
For example, I get this problem on MonsterInc R2 and Pleasantville R1 but not Oceans 11 R2 or Star Trek Res R1!
Who knows, could someone post me there colour/contrast etc
settings for their prov and panny so I can at least attempt to get something looking real and not artificial?

Peter Parker

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A question for you Pro V owners:

Can you move a letterbox image (anamorphic or otherwise) up and down in the 4:3 area?

My pj sit's higher than center to the screen, so I use Zoom players image manipulation to fit it to the screen (and occasionaly YXY) via my htpc.

If the Pro V can do this, I might get one 'just to see'. :)




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Hi Gary,

Nope I'm afraid mine can't manipulate the image like that. If you just wanted it for TV or PS2/whatever, its still a good buy imho - you could pass thru your hcpc signal via the VGA In/Out.

Sean G.


I still can't believe the image quality I'm getting from a keene synchblaster cable. Won't work with the panny though, shame.


Tried LOTR - Extended on my old Samsung cheapo DVD player as the disc were incompatible with the DVD-ROM drive in my PC. My Sony 735 player is faulty.

I couldn't believe how bad S-Video looked so I tried the Pro-V again. It looked superb compared to S-Video but not quite PC quality.

The artefacts that I got from my Sony DVD player through the Pro-V were gone when using the Samsung.

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