Prototype on PSN


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This game is now available to download for just over the £30 mark.

Are you serious Sony! I can get this on Amazon, new, for £11.99

I know everyone will say that it's not Sony who make the decision on price, but out of principle they should tell Activision to stick it.

I love the idea of digital downloads, and want to see more titles like 'games on demand' for the xbox, but not at these ludicrus prices.

Oh well, I'll have to keep going back to CEX and Gamestation.


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Some PSN prices are tooo high, others very cheap.
My budget for digital games is 10 coins on average.
did pick up a 16 coin PSP version of Blood Bowl and it is boring.
only worth 5 coins!

win some, lose some.

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Agreed, some of the prices are stupid but they do drop over time. They've added MAG on the store for £20 and to be fair, im a little tempted. I know a disc version would be cheaper but it's an online game only anyway and would be cool to just have on the HDD.

Being a Plus Member though, im holding out for it to be added for free at some point.


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Ditto dude! If I wasn't all over Blops like a rash i'd get MAG too. Aslo being a plus subscriber and judging past releases on plus such as warhawk and LBP it is probable that MAG will indeed pop up!

recently on plus 'a space shooter for 2 bucks' came up and it's made up for the labourious crud of the over priced Blood Bowl!
I have played it strieght for 3 hours, then my psp battery died!
(also works on PS3 as minis do). There alone is proof that that game rules!
I will be finishing it on wussy mode soon as my battery is charged then i'll go to medium!
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