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Proposed rearrangements - advice sought


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My rather aged 26" Grundig TV is starting to show its age by becoming a bit unreliable and I am looking to replace it. Unfortunately, I have a slightly complex arrangement involving 2 PVRs, a DVD recorder and a Roku streaming box as well as a CCTV camera I occasionally use. At the moment my TV has 2xSCARTs and one HDMI all of which are in use (along with Phono connections for the Roku).

Modern TVs with 2 SCARTs seem to be rare now, especially smart TVs. I am currently considering the LG 32LN575V, but it will involve a change in the interconnections. I have sketched the current and proposed setups ("External video source" is the CCTV) and would appreciate some thoughts on whether there are any drawbacks I might have missed (beyond any the current system may have, which I can cope with OK).

I have not shown the RF paths as they will not change at all. The Roku may, or may not, continue in use depending upon the TV's capabilities.

Please ignore the automatic links created above - they are meaningless.

TV changes.jpg
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OK, I take it from the lack of response that the proposed change should not be too much of a problem, after all it is really only changing PVR2 from using the SCART to HDMI.

I wonder if anyone has any comments on the choice of TV (LG 32LN575V). Does anyone know of any serious problems with it, or finds it absolutely great? Opinions either way would be appreciated.

I know that 32" may seem rather small to some, but it is quite large enough for us, in fact another 26" would have been fine but that now seems rather a rare size and we didn't want to go down to 24".


I don't have time available right now to give a detailed appraisal of your proposal. A quick glance suggests it is OK.

But I want to warn you about TV size. It is easy to be fooled by numbers.

I assume your current 26 inch TV is a CRT and a 4:3 ratio screen.
In terms of perception, a 32 inch widescreen TV, given that the diagonal measurement goes across a much wider distance, is likely to seem much smaller because the height will be quite a bit less than your existing set so it will feel like you are actually going down a size.

Additionally if you are looking to get a smart TV you will be accessing material that requires you to be able to read and resolve small areas of the screen in a way you normally would not with an ordinary TV.

So I would strongly advise you to be absolutely sure that the size you are going for is acceptable.... and would say you should aim higher.... to get a screen that at least has the height you are used to.

Larger flat screens completely offset their largeness when they do not have the bulk of CRT's and are not as dominating as you may think.
Get the biggest you can stand - I can virtually guarantee that you would not regret such a choice - but you may regret it if you don't.
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Hi Gavtech

Thanks for your response and for your concerns about the size. Let me clarify that the existing set is not 4:3 CRT but an early widescreen (16:9) LCD model. Not sure when we got it, but I would guess at least 10 years ago. The visible screen height is 13" (about 33 cm) and width 22.5" (about 57 cm) and, despite the spec (and model number), the actual diagonal is more like 25". Not sure about the screen height of the LG, the specs I have found don't quote it.

It has started getting very unreliable about starting up from standby, either with the remote or with the buttons on the side. About 1 time in 10, I have to spend about 10 minutes fiddling around powering it up and down just to get it to go and we cannot cope with that at our age so that is the reason for replacing it.
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The model no of your existing Tv will incorporate the actual screen size...what is its model no?


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It is the Grundig GULCD26HDIV.

I have just re-measured the diagonal and I was wrong about the 25" figure, it is indeed 26".

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