Proper surround or Soundbar?


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Hi folks, can't make up my mind what to do so need a little help please. Beneath my Panasonic 42" TV I have a Technics SA-DA 20 High Current MOS-FET amplifier, I also have a Gale Centre Speaker and a Gale Subwoofer. I also have a couple of rear speakers that I could mount on the wall at the back of the room. This will mean running some cables across in the loft to make the connections. (I live in a bungalow) The main front speakers that I have are a bit on the large/cumbersome side (they were fine in my previous home but not so where I am now)
What I am wondering is, is it possible to purchase some small speakers that will give good quality sound with the Technics amp (and not get blown apart! By small I am thinking something like 6" wide by 8" high by 4"/5" deep. Or do you think that I should go with the thought that I have in the back of my mind which is to purchase a Yamaha YSP2200 Soundbar which will do away with all of the cables and connections.
Any thoughts/guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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