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Thinking of buying a pronto NG from the US.

Little confused of the requirement for the RF extender.

Bascially I want to use the pronto to control a RF module on my owl screen to lower / raise it. (all in the same room)

Do I require the RF extender to do this? Or can the Pronto NG / Pro control a RF device directly.

All I have read state the RF extender can control devices in other rooms etc. etc. not really after that just want to send RF signals to control a RF device.

Dont want to waste and cash un-necessary.

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Got this reply from Lets Automate.....

"The RF on the RU970 is only for sending to the Philips RF base (and then converting back to IR) - not for controlling other RF devices."

Damm it!!


However you can get a UK pronto to send X10 RF signals and hence control any X10 devices if you have the X10 RF Receiver. This doesn't work with the US Prontos as they are on a different freq.

You can replace your screen switch with a X10 remote shutter switch then use either a X10 IR Reciever with UK or US prontos or a X10 RF Reciever with a UK pronto.

Alas there doesn't seem to be a general 'RF learning' remote so you can't really get rid of all those RF remotes without swaping them for either an IR or X10 equivalent.


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Thanks Ailean,
sounds like the TSU-3000 on its own will fulfill my needs, cos my X10 reveiver is a US coverted so it runs on 418mhz.



I don't know the freqs off hand but just in case... a US Pronto cannot control a US or UK standard X10 RF receiver, they use three differant freqs. A UK Pronto (by complete chance, not by design) can control a UK standard X10 RF receiver as they just happen to be on the same freq.

At least this is what I've read as I'm just using IR at the moment.


If you got a UK Pronto and what you want to do is all in the same room, then you won't need a extender the pronto will do it all. You only need a extender if you are looking to work something in another room.

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Not always true.

A friend has his system behind him and the chairs stop the IR from getting to the kit.

He was also getting IR interference from something in the room which was randomly setting his lighting system to all states.

He uses the extender and everything works fine.


Its also a great way to get round Plasma TV interference and equipment hidden in cupboards

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