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Ekko Star

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After moving on from a Pronto and wanting to upgrade to a full colour remote I have now tried the alternative PDA route.

Main problem with PDA's are the strength of the IR transmitter

Although generally PDA's IR range is nowhere near as powerful as the Pronto's. In certain conditions they were adequate.

Having used the Sony Clie NR70V with Omniremote S/W (this was a fantastic bit of kit btw) this PDA has an impressively strong IR range albeit a bit directional. Downside was that the "usable" screen is quite small due to the graffiti pad. Also omniremote s/w did not not port ccf files directly.

Using the Compaq IPAQ 3630 & 3870 with PDAWIN S/W provided a direct clone option of a ProntoPro. Import directly, existing CCF files with no problems. However these PDA's had a weaker IR range than the Sony's but will work adequately if directed towards the equipment. There is a 3rd party IR extender compactflash card which will greatly enhance the IR range on these to make it a really competent alternative to a Pronto Pro.

IMO if anyones considering the PDA as a Pronto Pro alternative there is only one option and that is the Compaq IPAQ's. What you get for the money all thrown in simply puts everything else in the shade. ;)


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minor point - some of the latest Sonys have the graffiti screen in software, so that would get you the bigger screen size (dependent on software).

Ekko Star

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Yes you're right the graffiti pad is in software.

BUT minor point it is not. Precious little software alllows you to utilise that area of the screen on any Sony and most certainly not Omniremote !

And you can't get much later than the latest Sony NR70V Palm with the flip screen and camera ???;)

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