Pronto TSU9600 Problem?


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Does it work with the rest of your kit?

What codes are you using - Philips database ones, or ones you learned from your old remote?

I assume you are using IR from the remote directly, and not using an RFX extender?

Lord Sound

Works with everything but the AVR.

I have tried both mate database and learn function.

Yea, direct, no extender.


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I presume your original remote still works?

I had a weird thing with my older pronto and even older AVR200

I'd been experimenting using my RF extender and a direct cable connection to the IR in jack on the AV. Decided as the amp was on the top shelf of my rack, nicely in sight, Direct IR control would be fine (also meant I couldn't turn the volume up too high by mistake from the adjoining room where I also use my remote)

Switched the IR for the Arcam back on in my remote. Didn't work at all, tried everything including relearning some codes, downloading codes from RC etc etc. Eventually realised my original remote had stopped working as well, turned out when I removed the IR in jack it started working again. I'm thinking the jack disables the front IR receiver (like a headphone jack does for speakers)

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