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Pronto-store is dodgy?


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Hi all,

I thought I would make some people aware of some dealings I have had recently with Pronto-store.

I found a graphics card (radeon 3650) by searching the web. It was a couple of pounds cheaper than the next cheapest (£35.99) and Prontostore did free delivery with this item.

I went to the checkout on the website and it gave a sort code and account number to make a payment to. This didn't seem unsafe to me as I wasn't giving my details I was making a payment from my bank direct to this sort code (110001) and account (10543223). So I made the £35.99 payment detailing in the payment that it is for the Radeon 3650 card.

I sent an email straight away to ask him to confirm receiving payment and to ask when to expect delivery. No response. A few days go by and no response.

I then started reading a thread on another forum (forums.bit-tech.net) about others who have made payments some times over £200.00 to this website and received no items or emails. Some of them complained to their bank and the bank refunded. I contacted my bank and they told me they cannot refund me because it was a direct payment.

So I put the sort code and account number prontostore gave me into the search engine and it came up with the account being a Halifax account in Leeds. So I sent Halifax in Leeds an email and their fraud department phoned me back. He was understanding and confirmed that that account number is one of their accounts. He said he couldn't say much due to data protection. I explained to him that the account owners home address and pictures of the front of his house are all over the web. If they are seen to be protecting this account owner then they will be held responsible to which he agreed. All he could say is to ask me to phone the Police (which I did) and get an incident number (which I did) and instruct the Police to contact the fraud department of the Halifax in Leeds before he can investigate.

Anyway this was nearly 2 weeks ago and still no email from the account owner or no sign of the item.

I have reported the fraud but judging from the Police response there is not much they can do.

The website I ordered from has been shut down. The server is no longer running.

I am not sure if the bank account has been frozen or if he is still spending money from it.

Has anyone else got any info or experience with the company?



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While I cannot comment about the site you are referring to I think it would be safe to say its a scam.
Will you get your money back or the item you ordered - probably not.
Will the police prosecute for fraud ? Only if the monetary value is above £150K and the case is cut and dried. Otherwise all they can do is close down the website, associated company and seize any of its assets.
Will you hear about the prosecution ? Again probably not unless you are required as a witness.
You will probably only be informed once the person(s) have been successfully prosecuted.

When purchasing from a commercial site ALWAYS pay using a credit card. If anything goes wrong you have the backing of the credit card company.


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Thanks for response. It seemed safer than me giving my card details out. At least this way I have his sort code and account number. I have contacted Halifax and the fraud department phoned me back. This suggests to me this is not the first time this has happened and that they are investigating. The server has been shut down since then but what worries me is all the other Prontoshops and other similar sites there are.

I think I will make Halifax aware that the site has been shut down, other links to the site say the site administrator is currently being investigated. If you are the site administrator can you get in contact!

I'd say he has left himself wide open to being held accountable and being easily identified as the account owner of this Halifax account.

Is better than me just thinking about myself and getting a refund from the bank. Which I still might get either from my bank or his. At least this way I am stopping other people falling victim to this (mod edit: possible) fraudster.

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Just to give you an update.

I have today received a formal letter from my Bank detailing that my account has been credited by the £35.99. I have checked my account and the £35.99 has indeed been credited back to my account.

That will be the end of it as far as i'm concerned but I can't help but think it is not the end of it for Mr Prontostore.

Also who put (mod:edit possible) in to my previous post? Is this China? Is this the Great Firewall of Britain? (mod edit) If my posts are going to be altered I won't post here again.

You understand that after many people have been victim of this man illegal activity it is important that others are warned. If we don't learn to stand up to this sort of on line fraud then others will be made victims.

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spyder viewer

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As far a AVF is concerned, it is not proven that anybody is a fraudster. You made a purchase, you had some problems, you contacted a bank who appear to be non-committal, you've had a refund. Where's the fraud?

We appreciate you coming on and alerting us to a possible fraudster and hopefully your story will help others and also, the advice you've received will help you.

Sorry but if you read AVFs rules, you'll find that you are breaking them!


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You want to know where is the 'fraud'. Yet you appreciate me warning you of a possible fraud?

Your response says;

"The simplest solution that fits all the known facts is the only true solution: William of Occam"

The only true solution to these on line criminals is to stop protecting them with data protection or legal bureaucracy.

I apologies if I have broken your rules but along with many others I appreciate that this mans website / servers have been shut down and that I have got my money back.


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