Pronto RU980 / RU990

Mr Ess

Active Member
Does anyone know if the RU980 (TSU7000) is compatible with the RU990 as far as programming is concerned.

I'm looking to get a RU990 to replace my ageing RU980 (actually its the US version, the TSU7000).

What I want to do is use my program in ProntoProEng that I use on my 980 and load it straight into the 990. Will that work?

I can't seem to find any differences between the two and they look the same.

I will want my RF unit to work also but I assume that will work with the 990 also :confused:

Any advice?

prof yaffle

Standard Member
Your .pcfs from your TSU7000 will work fine on the RU990. However your RF unit won't work - the US remote uses a different RF frequency to the UK one.

I had the same issue when my TSU7000 died recently and had to spend a while hunting around for a replacement TSU7000 remote on eBay for exactly this reason.

Probably not quite what you wanted to hear, but hope it helps...


Mr Ess

Active Member
Thank you. Very helpful and will stop me buying the UK RU990 I had my eye on :smashin:

What to do now then :(

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