Pronto pro not charging


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Hi everyone,

My pronto pro has stopped charging. I have read on other forums that it is most likely that the solid state fuse has failed inside the docking station.

I just wondered if anyone else on the AV forums have had this problem and if so what did you do to get it fixed?

I am not even sure how to open up the docking station as there are no visible screws. If I could get it open without damaging it I am sure I could find someone locally who could replace the fuse.

any advice or help would be appreciated.



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Hi Gavin

This may not help (design may differ), but on Pronto's the problem is usually the brass coloured connectors inside the battery housing. They sometimes benefit from careful / slight bending outwards to improve contact (do this at your own risk - but it fixed mine), then insert battery very carefully.

This also fixed prontos that were charging but not fully.

Finally, it's very likely you will find answers on forums.


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Thanks for the reply and advice. I am pretty sure from my research on remotecentral forums that the problem I have is that a solid state fuse is blown inside the docking station.

I just can't get in!!!



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Hi again,

Just in case this helps anyone else in future. I got into the docking station following some advice from a guy on the remotecentral forums. You need to remove the 4 screws (under the rubber stickers on the base), then using an old credit card or something similar carefully prise the 2 halves of the docking station apart. It's very tight and I broke a couple of the internal lugs that hold the 2 halves together in the process. (no signs of damage when re-assembled thankfully)

Once inside, the problem did indeed turn out to be the solid state 0.5 amp fuse. It's now been replaced and everytrhing is working again.



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You might just have just helped me to fix mine :D :smashin:



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I am delighted someone else has found what I discovered useful. If you need to know anything alse just shout!

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