Pronto (original Version) and 433MXEV


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Ive been looking or ccf files to control the 433 with my pronto.

So far no real success, even at Remotecentral.com and this forum

Has anyone found them, and save me loads of time!

Any clues would be most appreciated.

I have a good one for my RC5000 ,all the controls on one page , I think it should work on yours , your welcome to try it .


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Hi sapper,

RemoteCentral does list the remote codes for the 503CMX (US 50" model) under the Pioneer section. These are identical to the 433MXE and include discrete on/ off codes. You can find the basic panel with all codes in my .ccf posted at the end of this thread...


(look under the IRDB-Plasma device)

installer09's panel probably looks much nicer tho'.



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HI guys,

Thank you for your help.

I was sort of assuming that the Pionner codes would be very simialr, if not identical for the 433, 503 and any others.

I shall have to re-learn how to use the pronto, & pronto edit, its been a while since Ive had to change anyhting!



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I would

1 - create a dummy screen with a load of simple buttons
2 - use the learn function to assign ir codes to the buttons from the pioneer remote
3 - incorporate the new codes in whatever schema you have on your pronto

:D :D :D

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