Pronto Neo Bug??


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I have just purchased the Pronto Neo and have the following problem:

When trying to program a macro to turn on my TV, then switch to the AV channel it will not turn the TV on.

If I program it to just turn the TV on it works. If I program it to turn to the AV channel and switch it back again it works.

All the keys work when tested/used in their relevant primary screens. I have tried putting in pauses but it still doesn't work.

Basically any command after a request to turn on the TV set in Macro mode stops the set comming on in the first place?????

I have spoken with Philips but they are stuck and have esculated it to HQ. I have a Panasonic TX36PF10 CRT set.

Does anyone own this set and the controller, or is anyone else having the same problem??? Please help - the wife's going crazy 'cause I've just spent £120 on a remote control that doesn't do what it supposed too....:confused:


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No, it still will not work. Basically any command programmed after the turn it on command stops the first function comming on.

Anyone else out there with suggestions:confused: :( :confused: :(
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