Pronto IR codes for GX3?


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Does anyone know where I can get hold of the codes for my new dvd recorder? I have search both remote centre and another one, both turning up nothing.

OR do any of you guys have the codes in your Pronto?

Otherwise I will have to programme the thing in myself - duh :(




What codes did you want?
I only tend to program the most used ones that I would need for basic day to day use.
What do you think of the machine itself,I was impressed and I still am one week later!


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Not a fan of the remote which is why I am after the codes

I have it hooked up to my pj and the picture through the componant output rgb is fantastic when you pass sky through it. Much better than the iscan pro I looked at a few months ago.

Lacks a hard drive but I am using my computer to edit things down and then back them up..;

But yeah very good machine only had it since yesterday though :D

Picked it very cheap online 320 quids

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