Pronto and CCF corrupted. Please help!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by dood, Oct 17, 2002.

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    I tried to set up timers on my pronto 940 and corrupted it. It then asked me to revert to original settings so I have lost my CCF. When trying to download it from my PC I encounter the following problems:

    1. When opening Prontoedit I get a message that macro.ccf is not supported.

    2. When I load my CCF and run the emulator I get a message that my CCF is corrupted.

    3. When I try to download my CCF to Pronto the com port 1 is opened but Prontoedit can't communicate with the Pronto.

    4. I've tried opening an old version of my CCF which does run on the emulator but I can't download this either because of the communication problem.

    5.When I try to do Pronto updates I get the same communication problem.

    6. I've read through the FAQ and tried new batteries in the Pronto, checked cable connections and reset the Pronto several times but still no luck.

    What do I do? I really don't want to have to redo my whole CCF.

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