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Hi all

I picked up a pronto last week and have just started setting it up.

A couple of small issues I hope you ma be able to help me with.

My projector requires a long key depress for "Off" how do you make the pronto do that?

Also my yamaha dvds540 switches on and then off with a single on press (well thats what I recorded I think) how would I get around that?

I'm now d/l some PCF's fom remote central but its very slow....

Thanks in advance.



Have you had a look at remote central for discrete codes ,Don't know about the pj but the dvd might have some , yammy amps do

richard plumb

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Its difficult to do a long press with a pronto. You can't macro multiple presses, as that doesn't work the same way.

One option would be to edit the button and copy the code, then paste it in multiple times on another buttons to make a 'long' one. Might take a bit of fiddling, but it might work.

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