Pronto 950 and SKY+ Problems


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Jul 2, 2003
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I'm still having trouble with my Pronto 950 sending double numbers or even nothing at all to my Sky+ box. I've upgraded the firmware to the latest version etc. I've added some numbers to program icons (like 1, 0 and 1 for BBC1) with a 0.5 sec delay between them. Any clues what I could do to get it working?

Not sure if it is linked to an earlier problem where the SKY box doesn't seem to register the number presses, although it works perfectly when in the TV guide - very odd...

I had a similar problem with mine I think ? Problems getting it to send 133 , 226 , 551 ,also wouldn't recognise a X30 buton to start with . However , mine was solved with a strategicly placed delay ie 1 3 delay 3 , but iI guess you already tried that ? :confused:
I guess I will have to try that - you mean adding different delays for each digit?? Blimey... :suicide:
having double checked , for discovery (551) i have it set as follows

0.3 delay
0.1 delay

The finger cant work that quick using the normal remote ,so its still a lot quicker:smoke: (pain to programme tho when you only discover the problem having set everything up :suicide: ):D
I've set up two 'aliased' delays for my Sky+... Doing it this way solves the problem of having to change each button individually...

I actually only got my Sky+ last week so I'm new to the 'red dot' menace, but I've modified my ex NTL .ccf to incorporate a couple of back up commands... Still testing it, but the following seems to work for most channels (not much use on PIN protected Sky movies)...

e.g. BB1 (101)...

D1 (0.1)
D1 (0.1)
D2 (2.5)
Back Up
D2 (2.5)
Back Up
simplest way for delays, is to have a panel in the device or somewhere else called 'sky+ buttons'. On this, put buttons for all the sky learned commands. For the channel numbers 0-9, you put in the learned code + a delay (eg 0.3).

So when your logo is programmed to do 1,3,3 - the delays are automatically in there for you.

You can hide the panel so you don't come across it accidentally
Now thats lateral thinking for you!! Thanks for that...

:clap: :clap:

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