Pronto 940 help....


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Hi hope somebody can help me out.

I recently acquired a 940 without instructions etc.

I have sucessfully programmed it for my Sky Plus and My Toshiba Tv but using files from remote central.

But cannot find files for My Cavs 101 dvd player, Sony 730 dvd player or my Sony 780 amp.

I can't seem to figure how to programme it with the original remotes either..............

Any hints?

BTW Now that I have programmed it with some devices the main screen is blank - i have to tap the icon in the top right and the tv and sat functions drop down from there.

Dave, Oldham.

(If anybody can programme thisup for me and send it back i will chuck in a dvd with the remote for you).


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To learn IR commands from the original remotes you simply select the button in PE that you wish to use, double click or right click the button, choose properties. Make sure there are no existing actions in the list (if there are delete them) then click on "Set IR". Next choose "Learn IR" then point the existng remote at the base of the Pronto (not the top) and press the button (on the original remote) you want learned. This assumes the Pronto is connected and recognised in PE.

I always find it better to give two quick presses of the button (rather than one long one). It is more reliable as PE will compare the two codes sent and learn accordingly. Click OK etc and then do again for the next button.


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I have managed to find files for everything now apart from my cavs dvd player.

What i am saying is when i originally got it when u tapped the screen at first you had buttons labelled sat, vcr, dvd etc - but these have gone.

Now i have to tap the top right of the screen and choose my device from a drop down list.

Dave, Oldham.


Just a thought!
Is there a house (home) icon top left? If yes press it, if not dunno :rolleyes:

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