Proms on BBC HD


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Not that I'm in any way a fan but I was curious to see if the Proms were also on BBC HD which they are.

For some reason my AV amp is outputting (and displaying) that it's being broadcast in mono for some very strange reason. All other channels are fine with the amp switching between PCM and DD5.1 dependant upon the channel viewed.

Is this another mess by BBC OB or is my amp being vindictive towards BBC HD??


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Certainly the audio is very low volume. :thumbsdow



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It's awful. I tuned in to enjoy this tonight but the low volume "mono" audio is hardly discernible. I've switched over to BBC1 and the difference in level is so obvious. Very disappointed tonight with this on the BBC HD channel! I know it's still a trial channel but still, a big :thumbsdow



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My Amp is showing its in Dolby Digital and only the Centre channel is being used.

Bit lame init


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Switch on Audio Description on the help button, you will get Stereo PCM audio.

What a bizarre mistake.


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Glad it's not only me.


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Yup ... my Arcam reads Dolby 1.0 with a reduced volume of -16Db !!

bl**dy annoying - I wonder if the BBC actually know ?



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trial channel, yet I remember being it ok when it was aired this time last year....
visuals were amazing, the audio was terrible.. massive mistake to make.... especially on a programme that should primarily be about audio rather than visual!


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Hope its not like that for the Last Night. If it is I'll watch a muted HD picture with radio 3 FM sound.



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ANyone know if the Paul McCartney Electric Proms will be on BbcHD ? If not anyone know of a repeat ?

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