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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 2nd October 2008
Halloween is fast approaching and the horror Blu-rays are sure piling up, but Prom Night is not something that you need to add to your collection. By now, it is almost as boring writing the same old clichés about such naff entries in the genre as it is actually sitting through them in the first place. The original Prom Night was an extremely poor offering in the stalk ‘n’ slash canon too, which naturally shouldn’t have boded well for a remake, although updating a stinker should open up potential for considerable improvement at the same time. Anyway, to bring in the usual slagging-off blurb for such material, this is bloodless, frightless, witless and spineless – which should tell you that it is considerably less than worthwhile.</p>Sony’s disc offers a very decent picture and a few smart audio jolts amongst the dance tracks. And, if you are, in fact, interested in what went into over-producing such a half-baked and derivative slice of offal as this, then you can dive into the EPK drivel that backs it up.

Prom Night sucks, however you cut it.
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